KIEG Coffee Break

Purpose, idea, rules...

The main purpose of KIEG Coffee Break meetings is the opportunity to exchange opinions, ideas, knowledge and experiences. The overriding value is the individual development of all participants by achieving the synergy effect on the base of the participants individual experience and mutual support in the undertaken activities. This goal is achieved by the exchange of comments on various issues related to scientific research or projects aimed at commercialisation of scientific work. The meetings take place regularly and are conducted in the convention of an academic discourse comprising three main activities:

brainstorming - various issues, ideas on research topics or implementations, the opportunity to exchange opinions;

project meetings - issues related to projects implemented or approved for implementation;

seminars - a set topic, one or two leading persons presenting a paper, followed by an exchange of opinions in the form of a discussion.

Each invited person, as well as members of KIEG, may be an active or passive participant at any meeting according to their will. Meetings are non-commercial in nature, ie. KIEG Coffee Break will not organize and accept any marketing, commercial or other lectures. The meeting does not apply to didactic matters as well, what means that they do not constitute a place for student consultations, obtaining credits, passing exams, etc.